Each child is truly a seed of a tree to be,
a being with all the information to grow.
Our job as educational entities is
To provide it with the most fertile ground,
To protect it from drought and excess water,
To guard it from plagues and predators,
To supply it with the right amount of light
Allow it to do its job of being.


Who are we?

Learning Centre Ananda is a physical space of ½ hectare, where we are co-creating the necessary environment for the complete development of children aged 3 to 12 years old. 

This project offers the local community the opportunity to access an education, which allows children to fully develop their abilities with a respectful pedagogy that takes into account their restlessness and individual competencies.

This way of working is achieved through a unique and well-equipped environment where the children can experience integral learning. Constant evaluations are carried out visually, so no exams are undertaken.


“Plant good ideas in children, even if they don’t understand them; the years will take charge of deciphering them and making them bloom in their hearts.”
Maria Montessori

Vision, mission and goals

Vision: To participate in the transformation of the educational focus towards the necessities presented by global society in search of consciousness and harmony in learning. 

Mission: To develop, implement and spread a free and holistic, contextualized and individualized education, capable of wholly developing the human capacities.


  •  To be an example and promote different ways of exercising the role of teacher/educator.
  • To serve the development of the true potential in every child.
  • To contribute to the growth of happy and creative children, conscious of the world.

Download this document for more detailed information about the structure of the Learning Centre.