The main objective

is to facilitate the children when necessary so they can create internal structures of comprehension that are deep, interconnected and extensive - allowing to capture all levels of knowledge.


Today's children are different, today's world is different and changing; today's education requires flexible, open and perceptive adults capable of applying a new focus which respects and maximizes the physical, mental and spiritual qualities of every child. Is it necessary to work integrally accompanying the child as a whole human being.

"Our main endeavor as educators should be the development of free human beings capable - of their own initiative - of imparting sense and direction to their lives." Rudolf Steiner

hybrid method

The way of working is based on the child, on his interests and abilities. We employ a hybrid approach based on methodologies like Montessori or Reggio Emilia with the aim to complement and broaden the quality of education. The created environment and the diversity of options allow a truly holistic development. An environment in which the children can be free within clear and simple limits, based on mutual respect. 

We are making a special effort to ensure that all the content of SEP (The Mexican Secretary of Public Education) are adhered to in a free and experiential manner. We continually evaluate and document the day-to-day progress.

Importance placed on:

  • Respecting their natural curiosity, accompanying it, stimulating it
  • Respecting each individual rhythm, appreciating the slowness of the learning process
  • Learning to detect the sensitive periods which each child goes through
  • The process rather than the result
  • Encourage and stimulate their own projects - learning by discovering
  • Learning by observing and doing
  • Art and creativity
  • The connection and understanding of the natural environment in which we live